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Hello! My name is Gabriella Kindert.  I am historian (MA), economist (MA), MBA by education, born Hungarian, living in Western Europe since 1993, currently in the Netherlands. I have been working in the financial service industry for 20 years in different international management positions for leading companies.

I am also the best selling author of the book: “The Busy Executive Diet.” and “Less Stress 88.”

I created this site,  One Life to promote an integrated approach to successful life and help you maximize your potential in both your personal and business lives.

We learn so many things in our universities and business schools, so much knowledge.

What we fail to learn, however, is how to maximize our performance by using the broader range of resources beyond our mind and intellect. Our bodies, souls also need to be nourished if we wish to function at our best and reach our maximum potential.

This is why this community was born and is the most important reason why I wrote books:

“The Busy Executive Diet. How to Achieve Your Ideal Weight, Sharpen Your Brain and Balance Your Mind.” and

“Less Stress: 88 best practices and inspirations from historical leaders.”

How did I learn my own lessons? 8 years ago I decided to cut sugar, processed foods, and trans fats completely out of my diet. My life transformed. Not only I managed to reduce my weight and able to control it effortlessly, my energy, efficiency and thinking processes all dramatically improved. This is why I decided to learn more about it and share what I’d learned and promote a healthier lifestyle.

This site promotes independent resources about the interconnections between our performance, nutrition, fitness level, ability to relax, focus, development and appearance.

Happy Reading! Happy start of a better YOU!

With a lot of love,


“The Busy Executive Diet”


By reading this book you will learn:

How to change your eating habits and achieve lasting weight control

Discover how to control your food cravings and bad eating habits in spite of the mental stress that comes from a busy executive agenda.

Learn how to create a positive impact with food, not only on your physical appearance but also on your psyche.

Find out how to use the power of your own metabolism to lose weight with only limited exercise.

Learn tricks how to control your metabolism for higher energy and a stable weight.

Discover how to achieve stable energy levels and a rock solid mental focus.

5 Start review from Readers’ Favorite


Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

The Busy Executive Diet is a nonfiction health and fitness guide written by Gabriella Kindert. The author is a busy executive herself and found that she was able to change her approach to food and nutrition in ways that did not interfere with her responsibilities and commitments as an executive. She acknowledges the extra stress executives may labor under, both as a result of their increased responsibilities as well as the unspoken societal pressure to look polished, professional and fit. Kindert was familiar with the endless cycles of dieting and regaining hard-lost weight, and she researched the subject thoroughly in her desire to understand how to obtain optimum fitness. Her book covers nutritional information as well as advice on how to incorporate exercise and stress-relieving methods into a busy executive’s day. Each chapter includes footnotes for those who’d like to continue researching her subject matter.

Gabriella Kindert’s nonfiction health and fitness book, The Busy Executive Diet, is not a diet book, and she’s quite adamant at making that point clear. What she’s offering to motivated readers is a sensible and eminently doable way to lose weight through eating natural, unprocessed foods, and she shows how you can make such changes a permanent fixture in your dietary regime relatively painlessly. I was most impressed with the scope and depth of the information presented in this book, and the footnotes she includes were very helpful indeed. While not an executive at present, I have been one in the past and appreciated the pressures she discusses as well as the ways she presents to make the inevitable meals out and relentlessly busy schedules less debilitating to one’s health. While the author has geared this book towards executives, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who has weight, stress or health issues and has the desire to feel and look their best. The Busy Executive Diet is highly recommended.

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